Thank you for considering our equipment. It is top shelf and its reputation shows testament to that. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Dennis Towns Or Dale Knot, Or Deanna Towns will be more than happy to assit you. Thank you and safe successful hunting.


Dennis was born in the great state of Louisiana, resided in New Orleans and Houma before settling in the state of Fl. He has been an avid trapper, hunter, and fisherman his entire adult life. Dennis is a member of The National Trappers Assoc., The Fl.Trappers Assoc., The Louisiana Alligators Hunters and Trapping Assoc. , Wildlife Control Tech., and Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Assoc.,he was a Director for northern Fl. during the 80’s for the National Trappers Assoc. and a past Director for the Fl. Trappers Assoc. Dennis was in wildlife control for years before retiring .We will do our best to make your hunt a very successful adventure by suppling equipment second to none.


All parts are hand made one at a time. Everything made is stainless steel if possible for long lasting wear and tear. Have several different types of harpoon heads and gig points .This equipment is used all across the southern states for alligator captures. Todd Hardwick from the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet use's this equipment and some gator hunt guides and nuisance gator trappers also. This equipment has been purchased by some U.S. Fish & Wildlife agents and also by University students on assignments in Africa. Its in use in Alaska by commercial halibut fishermen, also in Australia. We can build you our type or will build to your specs. The gig points will fit most all harpoons on the market. We will and have filled emergency orders 24 hours a day. If you are on a hunt and need something in the middle of the night we will meet you at the shop or meet within a reasonable distance to keep your hunt going. Who else offers this kind of service? Thanx Dale, & Dennis & Deanna


Email:  kujans0@gmail.com with any questions you may have. Anytime including Sunday.
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