Stop-Loss Gaffs
These gaffs are hand made of stainless steel and built with a deep throat. They have a concealed spring loaded flipper to prevent fish from escaping. It has a 1500 # lb. swivel in the handle for attaching a secure line to. Handles are machined aluminum and anodized. These gaffs were perfected for the Tarpon Tournaments but may be used in other applications.

Only $199.00

These gigs are built from some of the toughest metal available. Heat treated and hardened and tempered right here in my shop to help keep the point sharp longer than the cheaper gigs on the market. Each one is hand made. They are available in 3 tine for the flounder giggers, 4 tine for the common gigging and 6 tine for tough gigging. These are the toughest gigs on the market , and are built with pride. Started making the 6 tine for folks gigging the large gars in lake clean outs. The single butterfly type gig is built from 3/8 stainless rod and uses common speargun points. Built to fit 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" wooden dowls, or can be built to fit most any size pole wood or metal. Please call or email with any questions. Thanx


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